Club Penguin 8th Anniversary Party Hat

Today, Club Penguin officially turned 8 years old! Today is the 8th anniversary of Club Penguin and as always, a brand new party hat has been released as well as a "mini party" on the island. The Club Penguin Anniversary party is always a one day event so it is important that you get your party hat as soon as possible! Here's a quick fun fact, The Club Penguin Anniversary party always overlaps with the Halloween party!
As always, this years Anniversary party takes place in the Club Penguin Coffee Shop. Make your way over to the shop and then go to the table on the bottom left of the room to receive your 8th anniversary party hat. One really cool thing about this years party is that it is almost like a museum for old Club Penguin! As you look around the Coffee Shop, you will notice some old items and even a table that shows every party hat including the Beta hat.
This years party hat is the best since the beta hat in my opinion. Previous party hats have only included a few colors but this year we have a rainbow party hat! Any coincidence it happened during the same year we finally got a rainbow puffle? Pretty cool!
So what are your final thoughts on this years Club Penguin Anniversary party? Is this your first party hat, your second, your third? How many party hats do you have? Leave a comment with how many party hats you have and tell us what you think about this years rainbow party hat. As always, thanks for reading and feel free to follow me @Lebronjr23cp

- Lebron Jr 23

Club Penguin Update From Lebron Jr 23!

Hey everyone! Lebron Jr 23 here.. I haven't made a post in about 6 months so I just thought that I would check in with everyone really quick. As you can see, I have put the site back up and this site is no longer covered up with a message, an image, or music. This site has been put back to look exactly the way it did, when I closed it down one year ago. With that said, you can now look around and remember old times the way it should be. For now, there are a lot of bugs and a lot of broken links. I will work to get most of those fixed but chances are there will always be at least a few bugs on this website now.
Also, you may remember that I recently hired a team of authors a few months ago to run this website. 
Unfortunately I had second thoughts and didn't want to leave this website to anyone else other than myself. A lot of people look down on big bloggers that turn their website over to authors. Since I didn't want to be looked at the way most people look at "Chrisdog" I decided that I should probably either close the website or run it myself. I didn't think that was fair to my fans or my readers to just hire authors without even seeing what you guys thought about it. Depending on a response from you guys, I may still bring in that new design/blog with a new team of authors that I have already carefully chosen. If you guys are okay with it, why should I argue with you? You are the reader, you are the fan. I want to do this for you! So with that said, I am going to let you decide the fate of this blog. Should we leave it the way it is and preserve the classic feel or move forward with a new site and new team? Let me know in a comment or feel free to send me a tweet @LebronJr23cp. Talk to you guys soon!

- Lebron Jr 23

Club Penguin Lava Flow Igloo Item

Hey penguins! As I was logging off of Club Penguin today, I noticed that there was a brand new logout screen. This logout screen was advertising the brand new party that is on the way as well as showing us a brand new item that is coming out. The item that was shown is an igloo item called, "Lava Flow." This can be put on the floor of igloos and it is perfect for the Club Penguin Prehistoric Party!
Make sure to sign in January 17th if you would like to obtain the lava flow igloo item! The Prehistoric Party should be awesome as it is the first time we will be able to travel through time! How cool is that? Thanks to Gary's Time Trekker, we will be traveling back, very soon. Leave a comment.

- Lebron Jr 23

Club Penguin Radio : Lebron Jr 23

Hey guys! Ninja O Dark and I have founded Club Penguin Radio! The most professional and well done Club Penguin radio station ever produced. We are really excited to launch Club Penguin Radio and we know that it will be a huge hit in 2013. Club Penguin radio is a 24/7 radio station that plays music at all hours of the day. Also, make sure to listen in every weekday at 3PM Penguin Standard. That is when either Ninja O Dark or myself will be LIVE on the show. Listen in for a chance at coin codes, special guests, and great music! You never know who might be on the show! We have a great lineup and we are really excited to get Club Penguin radio underway. Make sure to listen in every weekday and keep in mind that we have a joint show with Ninja O Dark and I every Friday. That means that you will be hearing the both of us on Fridays!

Our Current Schedule:

  • Monday - 3 PM - 4 PM PST - Ninja O Dark
  • Tuesday - 3 PM - 4 PM PST - Lebron Jr 23
  • Wednesday - 3 PM - 4 PM PST - Ninja O Dark
  • Thursday - 3 PM - 4 PM PST - Lebron Jr 23
  • Friday - 3 PM - 4 PM PST  - Joint Show Ninja O Dark & Lebron Jr 23
My First show will be this Tuesday so make sure to listen in by pressing the "Play" button on the Club Penguin radio player above. If you would like to chat with fellow listeners, you can go in the chatroom below. I will also be interacting with listeners in the chatroom during the show so keep an eye out for me!

Feel free to leave comments during or after the show on the blog. I would love to hear your thoughts and I may even read your comment on the show. Be heard, leave a comment. Hope to see you on Tuesday!
- Lebron Jr 23

Club Penguin Blog Update

As promised, this is my weekly update telling you all about what is going on with my new blog and all of the information that you will need to know leading up to its' big release. This weekend, I am currently working on the (Possible) new theme. Still haven't decided whether or not I am going to go with a new theme because the one I am currently using is still relatively new and I feel that a lot of you like it. BUT, since I am shooting for a 10/10 experience site, I want EVERYTHING to be perfect and I feel that there is room for improvement. I am really satisfied with the current sidebar and I think that I will keep the new sidebar very similar to how it is now. You will not see many updates here as I am working very hard to get the new website underway. There is nothing new that will be required of you either. The current domain will be redirected to whatever new domain that I choose.
I hope all of you understand why there is no tracking going on for Herbert. I am very eager to get the new blog out hopefully by my birthday (December 26) or, first thing in 2013. I am shooting for the best Club Penguin blog, no exceptions. I have very high standards and I feel that I have slowly drifted away from a once great quality website because a lot of my stuff is out of date. That is why I will not rush the release because when it releases, I want it to be a finished product. It will be perfect. No bugs. It will be ready from the start. I appreciate your support.

- Lebron

A Message From Lebron Jr 23 : We're Moving

Hey everyone! Lebron Jr 23 here. Due to some problems that I have been having with google, I have decided to start fresh with a brand new blog. If you do not see updates on this blog, that is why. I will be working very hard to get a new site up and running in the next month. The current domain name will automatically go to the new site when it is ready and up and running. I am a little sad with google because I have worked hard for 3 years to earn a good pagerank. Now, it seems as if I am moving backwards because I appear nowhere on their search results. It's a little depressing to start over but we will see what happens.
I would like to thank everyone for always visiting this site and making it so special. It is because of you that I have been around this long and your constant support is what keeps me going every day. This change will serve as a blessing in disguise because it will inspire to make new guides for the website and improve upon some of our old guides. In the end, the new website will be a much better overall experience and I can't wait to unveil it. I will be posting updates on this blog until it is ready. Waddle on..

Lebron Jr 23

Club Penguin Operation Blackout - Club Herbert Play

With more and more details developing every day about Operation Blackout, it seems that Herbert is going to try and turn Club Penguin into what he calls, "Club Herbert". I mean, even his twitter handle is @ClubHerbert. It's no wonder why he chose that name! I think it is very obvious that Herbert is trying to send a message that he truly wants to not only get rid of us and our loud parties, but he wants to take over the island. Today on Twitter, he tweeted this picture.
Club Herbert 2012
Apparently, this is the play that will be happening at the stage during Operation Blackout. I guess Herbert will succeed to some extent at this event. Expect to see Herbert walking around the island for this "party" and even handing out his own background. I think it will be really interesting seeing something other than a penguin on the island. This will be the first time ever that this has happened. Remember, we will have a Club Penguin Herbert Tracker for you when he arrives! Make sure to track with us. Leave a comment.

- Lebron Jr 23