Lebron Jr 23's Club Penguin Game Guide!

Aqua Grabber:
Aqua Grabber is located at the iceberg. To start, you walk over to the vehicle on the right. There will be a closer picture after this first one. Once you are on top of the vehicle just press "Yes" and you have begun!
In this game you travel around the underwater world and use your crane to pull in items. Once all of the items are obtained, you may move on to the next level!

Astro Barrier:
To get started with this game, you must go to the dance club, and go to the top level. Once you are there you just walk up to this machine and you are set!
Here are your instructions too..

Keep in mind that you can get points in between levels too by shooting at things..

Bean Counters:
Ok, this is one of my personal favorites. This was around when i started the game. To begin, you must head to the coffee shop. Once inside walk to the beans.. (Illustrated below)

Once you are on top you just press yes, and you are playing! Here are your instructions..

Card Jitsu:
We have all heard of it. Do you really know what it is though? Well it is basically just rock,paper, scissors, with numbers. You can also buy real life packs that you can enter into the game! First go to the dojo. Here is what it looks like on your map.

Once you are there just walk in and head to the sensei. He will get you started immediately and you will be on your way. Just press earn my belts. Here is your guide to card jitsu.
Fire beats Ice
Ice beats Water
Water beats Fire
If the same element is played the higher number win unless a power card was player before.. In that case the lower number wins. Here is your Key to becoming a Ninja.

Card Jitsu Fire:
This is not much different than normal Card Jitsu. Main difference is this time you have to go in the ninja dojo and go through the secret door. You get to the door by pressing on the fire table. Here is what it looks like once done.
Ok, First you start off your move by selecting a tablet in the center, it will flip over a number and that is how many spaces you can move. Once you have moved you will have various options with Instructions on every one you land on. Same rules apply as normal Card Jitsu. Ice beats Water, Water beats Fire, and Fire beats Ice. When the same Element is played (EX. Fire,Ice,Water) the highest number of all of them wins. Keep in mind, right next to your name is a life counter which will show you how many life points you have left. You will lose or earn points depending on the battle!
Cart Surfer:
In my opinion, the best game to get coins. To get started you go to the mine, walk over to the cart and press "yes" to start.
You play the game with your spacebar and  arrow keys. The goal of the game is to get to the end by doing multiple tricks and grinding turns in the direction of the turn. Preferably you want to do backflips and 360s.

Catchin' Waves:
Catchin waves is easy. Just go to the cove and to this hut. The goal of the game is to ride the waves and do multiple tricks. The more tricks, the more coins. Try doing flips!

Dance Contest:
Ever play Dance Dance Revolution? If so you are already a master at Dance Contest that will be located in the dance club. (Illustrated below)

Once started just move your arrow keys in the direction of the arrow on the screen. You see its very similar to the real life dance arcade game! 
To play DJ3K you must be at the night club. Walk up to the D.J table (Illustrated below) and press yes.
The object of the game is to mix and match "beats". The better and longer the song, the more coins you win!
Find Four:
First go to the Ski Lodge. Majority of people will have background knowledge of this one. Its like the real life game "Connect Four". If you haven't played, don't worry. All you are doing, is competing against an opponent to stack 4 of your colored cylinders in a row while keeping the other person from getting 4 in a row. Here is an example.

Hydro Hopper:
Antoher classic, and another one of my favorite. To play this you go to the Dock, and to the boat. Once inside you move your raft around with your mouse and click to jump over things. The more you jump the more you win!

Ice Fishing:
Ice FIshing is located in the Ski Lodge. All you do is walk to the door and press yes. You are now playing and your mouse has turned into a fishing real. You lower your rod to try to catch fish, and then you bring them up. The more fish the more coins. Remember if you see a big fish shadow in the background, hold a fish on your line in the middle of the water and you will catch the "BIG ONE"

Jetpack Adventure:
This is located on top of the Lighthouse. All you do is walk to the launch pad and press yes. Your goal is to get as far as you can, but remember you only have a certain amount of fuel. The farther you go the more coins you get. To refill on fuel you will need to fly into red buckets!
Basic Instructions-
Mancala is located in the BookRoom on top of the Coffee Shop. All you do is, alternate turns with your opponent. The game ends when a player has no more stones in their side of the board. The player with the greatest number of stones on their side wins!

Paint By Letters:
Paint by letters, is on the book shelf in the book room, above the Coffe Shop. (Illustrated Below)
Paint By Letters Works by letting you type in the words it tells you and it will respond and make a completely new story for you!

Pizzatron 3000:
Another favorite of mine is located right in the Pizza Parlor. Pizzatron 3000.

Pizzatron is an easy up tempo game that involves you putting toppings the game chooses on pizzas. Once you get through a certain amount or fail to do something, you will finish and your coins will be collected.

Puffle Roundup:
Puffle Roundup, is a fun game that can be played in the Pet Shop. The object of the game is simple, just move your cursor you can can get Puffles into the Brown Pin. The more Puffles the better.

Sled Racing:
This is one of my favorite things to do with my fans. We will head up to the top of the mountain pick a slope and ride. The slope at the top left is the hardest, and as you make your way to the right it gets easier. You play by moving your player around obstacles with the arrow keys.
Thin Ice:
Thin Ice is played at the top of the Dance Club. The object of the game is to complete each puzzle. You are a "BURNING" Puffle and you must make your way through the maze without going back on your last step.
System Defender:
The brand new game, "System Defender", has arrived on Club Penguin. It is very fun and proving to be a blast to all E.P.F. Agents. So far the reviews are good, and it is a really fun game. If you are having some problems playing this game, don't worry! I am here to help. First make your way to the Headquarters! Now walk over to the scanner and begin!
Once you begin, what you are trying to accomplish is actually quite simple. Keep the bots from reaching their goal. To begin just click on the Defend System button. From here, you will be taken to a screen where Agent Dot and Gary will talk to you. They are trying to prepapre you for what you are up against next. Here is how it will look!
The "guns" at the top are cannons you can choose. Each cannon has it's own ability, and they each cost a separate amount. You earn points by killing bots. This game is about money management and strategizing. Once you have selected a gun, you can only place it on glowing panels. Here is a labeled picture. 
So in the end, the brand new Club Penguin System Defenders game is actually easy. Just but cannons to keep the evil robots from getting to their destination. Keep in mind that every time they do reach their destination they can attack your life points! If your life ponts go all the way down you will lose! Good luck agent..

-Lebron Jr 23


  1. Nice post dude! You rock Lebron :D

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  3. lebron jr your cheats is outdated(a lot it will be 2013 tomorrow this for 2010 the rooms and game instructions is totally unfamiliar to me as i joined cp in september 2012)


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