How To Become A Ninja On Club Penguin!

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Here is your official Guide for becoming a Club Penguin Ninja, from Lebron Jr 23. First off, you will have to go to the dojo and walk up to Sensei. After you do that, you will have to play other players to earn your belt. After every win, you will either get a new belt, or you will either be one step closer to the next belt.

Black belt – 88 total Battles needed

Brown belt – 76 total Battles needed.

Purple belt – 64 total Battles needed

Red belt – 52 total Battles needed.

Blue belt – 40 total Battles needed.

Green belt – 30 total Battles needed.

Orange belt – 21 total Battles needed

Yellow belt – 13 total Battles needed.

White belt – 5 total Battles needed.

Once you have your black belt, you can go challenge Sensei and try to win your ninja suit. WARNING: Do not attempt to play sensei before you are a black belt, it is impossible and a waste of time. Now from here, it just takes patience. On your third time, you should win and have your suit! it will look a little like this.

I hope this helps you on your journey to becoming a ninja.

- Lebron Jr 23

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