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Card Jitsu Water Ninja Cheats 2010
Today, Club Penguin released the next journey for all Ninjas around the island to get excited about. That's right, Card Jitsu Water has arrived! First, let's start off with this totally awesome new intro page on Club Penguin.
Club Penguin Cheats
To get started, you must first make your way over to the Ninja Hideout! From here, the entrance is very similar to Card Jitsu Fire. Click on where is circled on the picture below, and waddle in to where  the arrow is showing to get to the new Card Jitsu Water Game.
Water Ninja
Once you are inside the brand new Water Dojo, make your way over to Sensei on his pillow, and you will begin to play Card Jitsu Water. Make sure you click "Earn your Water Suit." Once you are ready, Sensei will give you a brand new batch of cards called the Card Jitsu Water booster deck. You now are ready to start earning your Card Jitsu Water Suit! Here are your cheats and your official guide.. Let me start off the guide by saying this is not a completely easy game. It takes patience and "Wisdom" as Sensei would put it.. Here are the rules Club Penguin provides us with.
Card Jitsu Water Guide 2010
Obviously there is a lot more than what meets the eye. To sum it up the best I can, you are in a race against other Ninjas to get to one side of the waterfall. You can fall off the end if you lose, or you can hit the gong if you win.  If you would like to move across the moving rocks, you need to pick the right element to defeat it. Remember you can only move onto rocks that are highlighted green. Like the ones below..
Notice how some stones are highlighted and some are not. The ones that are, are where you can move to. For instance, You see the highlighted rock with Fire on it? If I wanted to move there, I would have to look in my sliding card inventory (On the bottom) and pick a water card.
Now that you have picked your Water card, just click on the highlighted  Fire stone. Remember, sometimes the stone you are trying to move to can have a powerful element on it, and if you pick a low power card, it may not put it all the way out. Also, if there is no element on a stone you want to move to, you can get there without selecting a card. All you must do is select the empty highlighted stone. If you get to the end before anyone else, you will ring the gong, and a wave will take out the rest of your opponents. 
You will also earn this congratulatory message, and you will earn progress towards your new Card Jitsu Water Ninja Suit! Take a look..
Once you completely earn your Water Suit, you can challenge Sensei to become a complete Water Ninja. Do not challenge Sensei unless you have earned your entire suit. It is impossible to win without your suit. Enjoy being a Club Penguin Water Ninja

- Lebron Jr 23


  1. I love your guide! The only reason I am becoming a water ninja is because your guide has the complete walkthrough of it!
    Waddle On, Lebron!

    ~Keylime244, @

  2. Awesome guide, Lebron! Best guide I've seen in all the Internet!


  3. Wow, best guide for Card Jitsu Water ever! :)
    I finally am a water ninja! :)

  4. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

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  6. Dude post how to go faster on water dojo I post it on my website do it all the Club Penguin website post but not you.

  7. better than sensei's instructions. love it

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  9. This really helped.Thx.I'm adding this to my favorite websites on my blog.Love it Lebron Jr.It's really helpful.

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